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One Love Bognor

7PM ON the seventh of the seventh is the time Bognor Regis resident Kate Pollard has chosen for people to share their love.


The One Love Bognor event this Friday will take place outside the pier and stretch out with the participants holding hands west towards Aldwick and east towards Felpham.


Kate, who painted the picture above to symbolise her feelings, said: “In this imperfect world, with so much pain and fear, let’s take this opportunity to stand together in love and hope and honour and forgiveness and remembrance.


“I believe Bognor needs a chance to come together.


“People could come and stand as a community, whatever their personal motivation.


“The only one we are going to defeat the evil in the world is through love.


“I have had an amazing response to this idea. People have been so supportive.


Part-time education worker Kate, who has loved living in the town for 18 years, has chosen the date because it is the anniversary of the London suicide bombings in 2005.


“If you want to use it to remember those who so tragically lost their lives over recent months then come.


“You might be feeling lonely, marginalised, isolated or fearful, then come and stand.


“There is no agenda. There is no plan. There is only a moment waiting for you to connect with it.


“We have a community in Bognor to be proud of. It is diverse and unique and bursting with potential. Let’s see what love can do.”

Posted in Community, News.