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Council tax rise for residents of Bognor Regis is backed

RESIDENTS who live around central Bognor Regis will pay an extra three per cent to the town council this year.


Town councillors agreed to the increase in their share of the overall council tax bill for homeowners in their six wards from April. The rise is an extra £3.54 for a band D property.


They widely backed the move to bring in £878,655 in the coming year to enable them to replenish their reserves by £35,000.


The alternative was a 1.41 per cent – or £1.66 a year – rise.


Policy and resources committee chairman Cllr Adam Cunard (I, Pevensey) said the budget was a compromise between boosting the council’s finances and keeping any increase affordable.


“The public will not have their services cut and will not see much of an increase on their council tax bill,” he said. “I am satisfied with the budget and I hope members are as well.”


Cllr Jan Cosgrove (L, Orchard) commended the budget. He said: “If you looked at where we were two or three years ago, the prospects of where we are now with the budget were quite remote.”

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