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Debbie’s slimming to benefit skin charity

CHARITY shop manager Debbie Simmonds is slimming in Bognor Regis to get a bigger profile for a good cause.


Debbie has set herself the goal of losing 40lbs to mark this year’s 40th anniversary of Debra UK. The first month of her challenge saw her shed 11lbs to leave her happy with her progress so far.


“I’m pleased with where I’ve got to but the further I get, the harder it will get. I do miss chocolate and Chinese takeaways.


“But I wanted to do something because of the anniversary of Debra UK and to help to raise the profile and awareness of the charity and the work that it does. I also wanted to give something back to the charity by raising £500 and help myself.”


Her colleagues have threatened Debbie with a spell in some stocks, with wet sponges to throw at her, if she fails to shift the pounds from her starting weight of 17st 13.25lbs.


One of the shop’s volunteers weighs her at 9am each Monday to chart her progress. Debbie has been manager of the charity’s shop since it opened in the High Street two-and-a-half years ago.


Debra UK supports the 5,000 people in the country with the skin condition, epidermolysis bullosa, and their families.


“It’s life limiting and it’s called the worst disease that people have never heard of,” said Debbie. “It is a genetic condition which makes the skin so fragile it blisters and tears with the slightest touch.”


She said she was always looking for donations for shoppers to look through.


“People travel from Brighton and London to look through the charity shops here. There are a lot here and they like going round them all in one day.”

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