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New plans for village homes

DEVELOPER Cala Homes has submitted plans for 350 homes in Westergate.


The housebuilder has applied to Arun District Council for full planning permission for 101 dwellings on 3.34 hectares of land to the east of Westergate Street.


It has also used the same application to seek outline approval for a further 249 properties on 15.06 hectares on the site.


But residents have reacted angrily to Arun about the proposed development.


Gillian Shaw, of Ewens Gardens, Barnham, wrote: “This application is an obvious attempt to make millions in profit by erecting terraces of box-like homes.”


She listed her seven concerns such as a lack of school places and appointments at the village’s surgery and St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester, as well as the current volume of traffic on the area’s roads.


“This development does nothing to ensure that local people, in particular, the young, can continue to live in the villages they were born in.


“There are very few employment opportunities to those who purchase one of these properties.


“In short, the area will become a dormitory area with the occupants travelling several miles to obtain employment…


“This area has changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years and has become ‘Bognor North’ in all but name,” she wrote.


Westergate resident Emma Woolnough wrote: “I don’t really understand how our small village is going to support another 250 houses. I work full-time as a teacher and know that the local schools are full.


“I can never get an appointment at the doctors and the roads are already at full capacity.


“What is Arun District Council going to do for all these extra families living here? Are we getting additional schools or doctors?”


Cala Homes’ planning agent Ian Johnson has submitted the planning application.


He told the district council the current design reflected changes in its original version of the scheme.


“The most significant revisions to the proposal are driven by the layout changes we have made to accommodate the requirements of the planning department, as discussed and agreed in meetings.


“The more recent and fundamental changes requested by officers, during meetings between October, 2017, and February, 2018, have resulted in a layout that balances the physical constraints of the site alongside the need to achieve a high-quality townscape and landscape framework,” he said.


This has included integrating traffic calming within the streets, an extra roundabout and parking more directly related to the housing it served.


The detailed plan contains 71 two-bed flats and houses and three-bed houses and 30 affordable homes of one and two-bed flats and two, three and four-bed houses.


For the outline scheme, the private housing comprises one and two-bed flats, and two to five-bed houses.


The affordable housing has one and two-bed flats and two to four-bed houses.

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