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Wine | Around the world tour on offer on store’s shelves

Morrisons in Bognor Regis beckoned as I examined some of this weekend’s deals which end on next Tuesday, I am reliably informed.


I began the oenological examination by comparing two Chardonnays both retailing for £5.50. Why Chardonnay? you may ask – well, cheap over-oaked New World Chardonnays late last century have led to a wariness of Chardonnay for some people, but the modern style, as was the traditional French style thereof, is more refined, well-balanced and an excellent food pairing!


The 2015 Le Téméraire Chardonnay from the Languedoc region of southern France is aromatic with citrus and apple flavours and a vestige of hazelnut and has a pleasing finish and does not remotely disappoint!


South America, Chile to be precise, is the provenance of the 2016 Head Honcho Chardonnay designed to appeal to a younger consumer base with its quirky and striking label depicting flora and fauna native to Chile.


This wine sports a good nose, is fresh on the palate and is a veritable melon and pineapple taste-feast with a lingering aftertaste – a visual and sensory experience to savour!


Now re-booting to Italy, so to speak, I was able to procure a 2016 Morrison’s Soave Classico – another wine which has enhanced its reputation of late. This example from the oldest part of Verona (rings a bell, Will?) is fragrant with floral aromas and exudes citrus and apple flavours and fully justifies its £6.75 price tag!


For just £8 expended, the Morrison’s White Burgundy punched well above its weight and turned out to be fragrant and complex, slightly creamy in texture with green apple and grass complementing white peach flavours – one fully meriting your attention!


Scaling the lofty heights of an outlay of £12, my last white wine selection was that of a 2016 Domaine des Côtes Blanches which proved to be crisp , fruity and dry and a classic Sancerre. Contrary to earlier speculation regarding a poor harvest, the fine end to the summer salvaged the crop and thus the predicted shortage did not materialise.


Averting my attention to red wines available, I was delighted to espy a 2013 Sorso Primitivo for just five and a half smackers and, being mindful that sorso means a sip, indulged in a few and noted tobacco and leather coupled with juicy blackberry and blueberry fruits and a spicy bouquet to boot!


It’s tantalisingly good, this Italian number and cracking good value! For an extra pound expended , the 2014 Caliente Rojo Tempranillo Campo De Borja, as the name suggests, is both hot and red with a dank , musty aroma , soft and thick in texture with dark fruits in abundance.


Old leather boots, tannin notes and peppery spice are also present with a hint of mocha and the wine improves in the glass and is a possible crowd pleaser!


My final selection was a 2015 Patagonia Argentina Malbec currently reduced to £7.50, a wine made by Bordeaux-born pioneer Hervé J Fabre, the first to make single varietal Argentinian Malbec.


Patagonia provides a cooler climate which enables production of a more elegant, almost Old World style type of Malbec and Argentina’s purity of fruit and clear varietal expression shine through in this wine with aromas of black cherry, chocolate and spice leading to dark fruit flavours along with smooth tannins – a true delight – te veo pronto!

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