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Health | A healthier and longer life is only a heartbeat away

IF WE have always maintained a very unhealthy lifestyle, such as excessive drinking, smoking, consuming processed foods etc, is it possible that we can turn the clock back on our health? Some studies have proven over time that by making certain lifestyle choices, we may be able to effectively turn back the clock 14 years in terms of mortality.


But whether the benefits observed in those studies are the result of good, life-long health habits or can be achieved by those who make changes later in life, needed to be confirmed. However, what was found was that a switch in mid-life, that is, in our late 40s to early 60s, to a healthy lifestyle that includes at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, and not smoking results in a substantial reduction in mortality over just the next four years. This is surprising, not only because the benefit appeared so quickly, but also because the lifestyle changes were so modest. The findings emphasise that making the necessary lifestyle changes is extremely worthwhile, and it’s never too late to get with the programme!


If we can get such dramatic benefits so late in life and in such a short amount of time, why can’t we just live lives of gluttony and sloth-like behaviour, and then just clean up our acts around 50 or so? I know so many people that don’t wish to change at all. And that is perfectly OK. We all have free will and choices. But what if it is too late? What if your very first symptoms are your last?


Sudden cardiac death accounts for more than half of all heart disease deaths. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide just drop dead every year. Sudden cardiac death is the first manifestation of heart disease for the majority of individuals, particularly among women, meaning they had no idea they even had heart disease until they were literally dying from it. For many, their first indication of the presence of coronary heart disease is their demise. That’s why prevention is the key.


So, does prevention work? Women who don’t smoke, walk a half-hour a day, aren’t overweight, and eat a prudent diet, defined in the study as greater than average fruit, vegetable, nut, whole grain, and bean consumption, had a 92 per cent lower risk of sudden cardiac death. When it comes to sudden death, an ounce of prevention is truly worth more than a pound of cure, because there is no cure once you are dead. That’s a fact of life! So why not try making some changes, starting today.


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Health Matters!

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