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Public meeting to be held as homes debate delayed

A PROPOSED date to decide the fate of hundreds of planned homes in Pagham has been scrapped.


Arun District Council has put back the date to determine the four major plans from June 12.


An email from David Easton, a principal planning officer at the council, to Pagham and Aldwick Greenfields Movement (Pagam) vice-chairman Alan Pivett, on Tuesday says: “I will begin by advising that this meeting is not taking place and a new committee date will need to be identified, but at this time we are unsure as to when these applications will be presented to members.”


But Pagam’s public meeting is taking place at 6pm tonight at West Meads Community Centre in The Precinct.


Among those present will be Bognor Regis and Littlehampton MP Nick Gibb, along with representatives from Southern Water and Arun District Council.


Mr Pivett urged people to still go along to have their say.


He said: “I feel it is unacceptable for Arun to keep on delaying some of these decisions. It does have an impact on us because people can become apathetic.


“We have tried to overcome that by providing information to people about the proposals and showing how they can object to them.


“But who knows when the decisions might take place? People get tired of this delaying decision.”


An information day staged by Pagam last Saturday at Pagham Village Hall attracted several hundred visitors.


The displays contained details about the four major housing applications in Pagham. Matters of concern such as their impact on traffic, flooding and wildlife were highlighted.


Gill Homer, who chairs Pagam, said: “It has been really good. We have had a lot of positive feedback.This level of support shows people are coming together and they are questioning how this could happen to their village.


“People support what we are doing. We can’t give up, if only because of the thought of what the housing will do to the wildlife here.”


Aldwick resident Mike Hampton, a retired traffic planning consultant, said he believed some 2,500 vehicles would be owned by the occupiers of the 3,800 homes set to be built in Pagham and North Bersted.


“There will probably be about 2,000 of them trying to get on to Pagham Road, either from Pagham or the Royal Oak junction at Lagness.


“The peak traffic on one lane of motorway at any time is 2,000 vehicles.” We will be having that around Pagham. But a motorway is a high quality road. Where are the high quality roads around here?,” he said.

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