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Chickens are egg-stra special arrival

A YAPTON resident had a clucking surprise when she found four chickens dumped on her doorstep.


She was shocked to open her front door to see the small brood looking back at her.


She contacted the animal rescue service, Wadars, which immediately went along to her address to collect the abandoned animals.


Wadars operations manager Tracy Cadman said: “I guess we should never be surprised about the calls we receive.


“But it’s the first one we’ve had about chickens being abandoned in this way.


“They are all fairly thin but, other than that, they appear to be quite healthy.”


The chickens were found in the porch of the home last Friday morning. They had been left there overnight.


The call to collect them was one of the more memorable Wadars has received among the more than 1,200 calls it gets each year.


“The homeowner told me she got quite a shock when she got up that morning,” said Tracy.


“She could hear this funny noise and looked around the house to find out where it was coming from.


“She then realised it was coming from the direction of the porch and, when she opened the door, got the shock of her life and very quickly shut it again.”


Wadars quickly managed to find someone to care for the chickens until they can be given to new permanent homes.


Based in Worthing, Wadars is a leading animal rescue charity and has been providing care and protection for animals of all kinds since 1969.


Its team of animal rescue officers respond to calls from the general public where animals are in peril. More than 60 calls for help a day can be received in the summer. About 50 dogs, cats and other animals are in its care at any time.

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