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Food | The Aviator’s flying high when it comes to cuisine

Pubs can be hit and miss with their “grub” but this isn’t the case at The Aviator pub, situated on Bognor’s vibrant seafront.


Owned by the lovely Carl and Angie, it’s a picturesque place where you can enjoy a range of delightful foods, entertainment and functions.


The bar offers huge ranges of drinks perfect for dating couples and catching up with loved ones For those of us who have a passion for good food you will be delighted by the extensive menu offered by this restaurant and I was excited to head down and try some food that I had already heard so much about.


Me and a colleague started down to the seafront on a pleasant and very sunny Tuesday afternoon. Stepping inside you are suddenly surrounded by aviation. Planes fill the bar and gave a delightful theme and feel.


We were greeted by the lovely owners who were charming and friendly making us feel right at home along with their staff who proved equally as pleasant and welcoming. We headed out to the terrace seating overlooking the gorgeous sea view with our attentive and welcoming waiter by our side.


We ordered up some soft drinks (a little early for a wine tasting) and sat eyeing through the menu.


The range of foods was vast and my mouth watered just at the sights of the lunch set up. Baguettes and sandwiches flowed through the menu with a variety of fillings from fish, such as prawn and tuna to gorgeous range of meats and cheeses all served with a garnished salad and options to add fries.


Other foods on the menu included strong British favourites, fish and chips, rump steaks, burgers with fresh local meats and a fabulous range of Italian dishes and a separate pizza menu ready to temp your taste buds.


After browsing the menu, we chose our courses and accompanied by our waiter we set off to order. We decided on something simple for starters, prawn cocktail for me and my companion enjoyed some garlic bread.


It was simply the best prawn cocktail I have tasted, with juicy and fresh salad accompanying a succulent fish dish that really took me by surprise. The garlic bread was light but packed with a gorgeous Italian flavour and provided us with a subtle yet scrumptious starter option.


The choices were hard to make for our main given the extent of the menu but we chose to go with the specials of the day. I was served a spectacular teriyaki salmon, served on a bed of seasoned noodles and vegetables. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente and the peppers, onions and baby sweetcorns that mixed within were seasoned gorgeously and added a light and fresh zing to the dish. The salmon was beautifully cooked and fell away with ease when we tucked in and melted morishly into the mouth.


My companion was dished up a Cajun chicken pasta. The chicken was tender and seasoned with a punchy Cajun spice accompanied with a thick tagliatelle pasta and shells of red onion that succulently complimented the dish amazingly all engorged in the most delectable creamy sauce.


Myself and my dining partner were amazed by the portion sizes, each dish seemed like a sharer and the chefs were not shy to pile up the plates with their exquisite food, proving you really do get more than you pay for at this delightful venue.


Our lovely waiter attended to us again to clear away our polished-off plates and took our final order of the afternoon, dessert.


After our huge main courses we went ahead and ordered a desert to share with the choice of a rich chocolate pudding, a sticky toffee sponge and more all served with either a light vanilla ice cream or a rich custard acquaintance.


We set our sights on the sticky toffee option and when it arrived in front of us, first impressions couldn’t have been better. The presentation was something of a SoHo eatery and the dish was finished with a light cinnamon crunch dusted over the ice cream. As we tucked in I was blown away with the flamboyant flavour.


The sponged proved light and airy, nothing that would stick in your stomach all day and the sauce and ice cream proved to be perfect accomplices. After a fantastic meal and afternoon I left the restaurant full and caressed with food love.


A distinctive and sociable atmosphere with some of the best staff I have seen in a restaurant you can be sure to come away from The Aviator with an eating experience like no other. With such an amazing menu, food with impeccable presentation on offer, and also specials night including curry and steak evening with a range of offers, it is a night out not to be missed.

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