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Art for heart’s sake at family show

THREE members of an artistic Bognor Regis family have put their works on display.


Romp Family Arts has well over 80 paintings, plus 30-plus sculptures, on view inside their home and studios. They have turned their address of the past six years at 28 Devonshire Road into a temporary gallery for three weekends to enable others to see their love of creating works of art.


Among the pieces on show are copies of three murals which Oscar Romp, the son of Howard Romp and Pauline Farrington, painted fsep 23 week 21 bog romp 4or Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey of scenes from in and outpatient departments.


A former nurse at the hospital has been one of the dozens of visitors to the display. Jenny Hazel told them she remembered the murals being installed. “There is no one word to describe the pleasure your creativity has given,” she wrote in the visitors’ book. “Talent at its very best. Wonderful work and each so different.”


Another visitor, Lin Bradley, wrote: “Explosion of art and talent. Great viewing.”


The Romp family moved to Bognor Regis in 2010 having lived in Guildfordfor 30 years and France.


They had kept their mass of artwork in the attic of their new home but decided the time was right to put it on display. Their exhibition is open from 10am-7pm tomorrow
and Sunday for its final weekend.


More than 50 visitors have so far taken the chance to experience the productive and creative atmosphere at their combined home and studios. The oldest work on show is Pauline’s 1958 view of Peckham in south-east London, when she was a student at Camberwell School of Art.


The most recent are two stylised versions of Butlin’s painted by Howard this year. “It’s quite fun turning your home into a museum for a short spell,” said Howard. “It’s interesting seeing your old paintings. You can remember painting them. It’s like keeping a diary.”


Pauline said: “You get instant recall. We paint what interests us.” That includes cooling towers for Howard, such as In the Shadow of the Tower, pictured left, as well as some 3D work.


This includes a 5m-long mixed media piece entitled The Pondering Boy, which features the trials and tribulations of adulthood. He said: “We paint because we want to paint. I have always had mixed feelings about my work.


“Some bits I like very much. Others I don’t like so much. That’s always the case with everyone. But you move on to the next thing and hope to do it better.”


Other art pieces they have created convey a love of, and engagement, with music and dancing, paintings and drawings of landscapes and sculpture about people in their daily lives.


The work is in watercolour, gouache, oil, acrylic, clay and other media. “Some of the work has been exhibited before and has some of it has not,” said Pauline.


“Oscar’s work has been quite frequently exhibited.” The family have always been involved in the art world. They have taught the subject, worked with community art projects and in art centres.

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