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Bad weather fails to spoil fun at special day


CREATIVITY was on offer at a Bognor Regis community day.


Finlay Clark,11, was quick to take advantage of the chance to enjoy some clay sculpting. He made tablets with inscriptions such as ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the Harry Potter quote, ‘Love Blinds Us’.


He said: “It’s good fun. I like modelling the clay and trying to get it looking good.


“They are going to be fired so they will last forever and I will take them home.”

His work with the clay at last Saturday’s event by Bognor Community Action Network was supervised by sculptor Su Cloud.


The event took place amid heavy rain but there was plenty of fun undercover to keep those who braved the wet entertained.

Family fun event held by Bognor Community Action Network includes firefighters giving safety advice. Hampshire Avenue recreation ground, Bognor, PO21 5JX. Saturday 10th September. Photograph by Sam Stephenson, 07880 703135, *Please credit: Sam Stephenson,*

Su said: “Modelling clay is very good for the fine motor skills. Everybody can benefit from it. It can particularly help those with arthritis and osteoarthritis because you are using your fingers to squeeze and roll the clay.


“It also helps hand to eye co-ordination. The children here are enjoying themselves because they are being creative and that’s a natural thing to do.”


Cllr Pat Dillon, the Bognor Regis town mayor, went along to meet some of the children during the morning. He also had a raffle stand to raise money for his chosen cause of service cadets. More fun was available at the stand from Bognor Regis Library.


Library manager Chis Broggi was on hand to explain the range of services which is available there. She was helped by two National Citizen’s Service members. “People often don’t realise what they can get from their library,” she said.


As well as the traditional books, newspapers and magazines, modern libraries offer internet access, a range of activities such as board games and weekly knit and knatter groups and talks. “It’s good to meet people and tell them what is going on at the library,” said Chris.


One service which surprises them is an app called zinio for libraries which offers free digital downloads of a host of popular magazines.


Making light of the dire weather on the Hampshire Avenue recreation ground were the eight huskies from the Siberian Husky Welfare Association.


Volunteer Kat Brown said: “They don’t mind the rain but it’s still a bit too warm for them. They like the temperature to be below 10C.”


The popularity of TV shows like Game of Thrones has increased interest in the breed to a level of three or four inquiries a week to the association. But Kat, of Waterlooville, said: “They are born to work. We take them for sled and scooter races because letting them run is the easiest way to keep them happy.


“They can cover two-and-a-half miles in 10-12 minutes. It can be exhilarating.” Other organisations at the fair included Arun Wellbeing, the Kitchen Academy and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

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