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Festival’s fans love the music

FOLK fans turned out in their hundreds in Bognor Regis last weekend to revel in their favourite music.


Among those with entry to all the ticketed concerts were Felpham resident Carol Andrews and her sister, Sandy Hill.


Sandy travelled from Bristol for her first time at the weekend and said: “It’s been good listening to all the different bands.


“There’s been a wide range of them and I would never have said some of them were folk. It’s very good and very eclectic in taste.


“I like the audience participation. The performers are fantastic and they really engage us. They look as if they want to be here.”


But she did have one complaint – the sound in the Alexandra Theatre was too loud for her. Carol has been to some of the previous three festivals.


She said: “I just love music. We are going to as many of the concerts as we can this weekend.”


Fellow audience member Adrian Henshaw had travelled from Bristol. “I’ve been involved in folk music for 50 years and I helped to run the Wimborne Folk Festival for 30 years.


“There’s more dancing in Wimborne but this is quite enjoyable. There’s pleny of workshops going on,” he said.

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