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Group shows its members are made of the ‘write’ stuff

SENSITIVITY, sympathy and kitchen sink drama are included in the the first collection of stories by the Bognor Regis Write Club.


Its initial anthology contains 18 short stories and poems by the club’s 20 enthusiastic members in its 118 pages. They all share the hope the book could become a famous first edition like the initial print run of Harry Potter.


A Blast On The Waverley’s Whistle costs £5 and the first 150 copies distributed have been signed by at least one of the authors. Julia Macfarlane runs the club and led the committee which edited the ‘exciting and eclectic’ anthology.


She said: “This book has been a labour of love by us all.


“We are planning for this to be an annual event and we are looking forward to promoting and selling our first anthology in the local shops and events where people can buy a copy and maybe meet the authors.


“The profits will go back into the group’s kitty to pay for next year’s publication.”


The club has met monthly since October 2013 at The Waverley pub on Bognor Regis seafront and the venue inspired the book’s name. The members read out their latest work and offer feedback and support to each other.


Julia sets a theme at each meeting for the next month, which they can ignore if inspiration comes from elsewhere, but some of the best stories have come from the set theme.


The stories in A Blast On The Waverley’s Whistle reflect the range of the writers’ work. Their settings range from domestic home to worlds far away and their subjects tackle the everyday as well as the quirky. All of those featured have been published or are working towards publication.


More than half of those featured are working on a novel. Several have tasted success already this year. Julia has led by example with three stories published. One was included in an American literary magazine. Jeremy Good has published his second novel and JJ Morval published his first chldren’s book with its cover illustrated by Heather Robbins who used her creativity for the front of the anthology.


Continuing with the literary successes, Tom Millman has success with a fantasy short story which will appear in a Portsmouth anthology later this year and Sylvia Dickinson had a story included in Closure, by Peepal Tree Press.


A Blast On The Waverley’s Whistle is priced £5. It is available as an ebook with all the main suppliers, including Kindle on Amazon. Printed and signed copies can be bought from the Bognor Regis Post at 63 London Road, Polka Dot Stripes, Tudor Newsagents, Bognor Regis Museum and Granddad’s Front Room or email:

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