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Home Plans

THREE words from Sue Bond summed up the attitude of objectors at an exhibition of up to 400 planned homes in Pagham.


‘No more homes’ was all she wrote on the first side of the comment form available at Tuesday’s consultation staged by Hanbury Properties.


The company put on show its initial proposals to develop some 20 hectares south of Summer Lane. It hopes to submit a planning application for the large proposal by the end of the year.


But Mrs Bond, 67, of Church Lane, said: “The traffic generated by these houses will make road conditions along Pagham Road even worse.


“I don’t begrudge people having houses but I don’t think we want that number here.


“Bourne Leisure also wants to put 22 more caravans on Church Farm Holiday Village, which will create more traffic as well.”


Summer Lane resident Lara Hunt, 34, said: “These homes could mean another 1,200 cars in Pagham. Even now, if you have a tractor coming out of Barfoot’s farm, it causes a massive tailback along Pagham Road.


“All these extra cars are going to add 30 minutes on my journey going to work every day.


“The developers talk about creating open spaces among their housing but we have got lovely open spaces already with a lot of wildlife.


“Summer Lane is a lovely countryside location but that will all change if these houses go ahead.


“My daughter was hit by a boy on a motorbike in our road the other day. There will be a lot more of that sort of incident with all the extra residents.”


She said she was also concerned about the impact of the additional residents on essential services as GPs. She already faced a ten-day wait for an appointment at her local surgery.


The exhibition at Pagham Village Hall attracted plenty of interest. Some 300 people were expected to attend after the first two-and-a-half hours saw about 150 people take the chance to find out more about the proposals. They could ask questions on the development to Hanbury’s projects team, which included ecology consultant Karl Goodbun.


The Chichester company intends to build a range of high quality low density properties from bungalows to first-time buyer’s houses, family homes to retirement accommodation. All will be one or two-storeys high to fit in with the existing housing.


It also intends to create a convenience store among a small group of shop, a GPs’ surgery and a pharmacy. Land will be allocated for a one-form primary school as well as Scout hut for Aldwick and Pagham Sea Scouts whose current building is threatened by another proposed housing development in the north of Pagham. A creche and youth centre is pencilled in as well. There will be community allotments as well as dedicated sports pitches and an area of public open space to stretch from Summer Lane south to the current public field next to the village hall.


Hanbury Properties’ project manager Paul Fong said: “The exhibition has been very busy. It’s been full on since we opened.


“The main concern people have raised has been the speed of traffic and the lack of community facilities in the area. School facilities and the GPs’ surgery have been particularly highlighted.


“We were forewarned about that and we have responded to it by including them in our proposals – just as we responded to the potential loss of the Scout hut by allocating space for that as well.”


Mr Fong said most of the residents he had spoken to accepted more housing was needed. “I didn’t expect that. They realise there is a need for more housing and it’s got to go somewhere.


“They are interested in the content of what we are doing and how we are going to do it.” Hanbury Properties recently worked closely with Pagham Parish Council to achieve a successful application for 90 homes north of Summer Lane.

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