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Theatre | How Len delivers story-telling with a bit of a twist…

His act has been billed as story telling with a twist Len Gould is something of an enigma to the people who go to watch his one-of-a-kind performances.


The storyteller and performer, who played a number of dates at St Martin’s Coffee House as part of the Chichester Festival, provides short stories and acts which are new interpretations of literature.


Len formerly belonged to a group of like-minded folk and would share his stories with other members, but 18 months ago he decided to go it solo and start performing his literature. Once the owner of a comedy and cabaret club in London, it’s easy to see how confidence has helped him take the next step.


He said: “I wanted to venture out on my own and see what that was like, I had done the whole working with a group thing for a while and I just wanted that experience of ‘going solo’ and see what audiences thought of the material I had created.”


Len dots his performances with a lot of improvisation, promising you that no show by The Storyteller is the same.


“Improvisation is the key I think in my performance,” he added.” I have a story with a loose theme in which I am able to adapt around it to include my own inputs and thoughts that come to me during the shows. I guess you can say that no show will ever be the same.”


You can let Len Gould take you into his storytelling world if you head down to St Martin’s next month. and thereafter.


Performance dates are: October 20th, November 17th and December 15th.

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