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Lesley’s anger at park youths

SHOCKED Lesley Todd has spoken of her horror after two foul-mouthed youths chased her from Hotham Park.


Mum-of-four Lesley says she was “scared to death” when the snarling boys aimed an unprovoked tirade of abuse at her while she was walking her dog Bella in the park in Bognor Regis.


The miscreants spat at support worker Lesley and threw lit cigarettes at her and her pet pooch and threatened her.


Now the stunned 54-year-old has demanded action be taken to install CCTV at the park entrances so perpetrators of anti-social behaviour can be traced. She says she feels let down that police will take no action despite admitting that there is a case of verbal assault to be answered. “I was absolutely petrified, scared to death,” said Lesley, who lives near the park.


“The young lads were about 10 and 12. They started trying to talk to me and swore at me with the foulest word in a foreign language. I knew the word and pointed out that it wasn’t very nice and they said it in English as well.


“Then they started trying to scare Bella and spitting at us and then threw their cigarettes at us. They were only very young, it was so shocking. I was appalled and as I made my way out of the park they followed and I felt as if I were being chased. This happened on a sunny afternoon around 4.30pm last Wednesday.”


She added: “I reported the incident to the police and they said I was right to do so but that because there is no evidence other than my word and no CCTV to back me up that there was nothing they could do.


“The cafe in the park, which is great, is open until 10pm and I fear for others late at night in the park. Surely CCTV should be erected. It could have been so much worse for me. I am still shaken but refuse to let them win and I still go and walk Bella in the park.”


Lesley thinks the attack may be linked to a group of youngsters who have been recently accused of harassing passers-by, including an 80-year-old lady, in London Road.


Police recently told a Facebook group who brought the behaviour to their attention: “We are aware of this group. Can you please make sure that any further incidents are reported to us. If it is an emergency and the behaviour is threatening and abusive then please ring 999.”


Lesley added: “It’s too much of a coincidence not to be linked to what happened to me. It is all very distressing.”

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