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Regeneration plans formally published for £80m scheme

FRESH plans for an £80m Bognor Regis regeneration scheme have been formally published.


The latest scheme by the Sir Richard Hotham Project has been accepted as a valid plan.


It has been published by Arun District Council in its latest list of planning applications for public comment.


The scheme seeks to overcome the four reasons for refusal of the project’s previous proposal by Arun District Council six months ago. But it still keeps the central elements of a 1,100-seat venue, a new Regis Centre site of retail, sep 9 week 19 bog hotham 3leisure, flats and an hotel and a new seafront restaurant opposite the Royal Norfolk Hotel.


Sir Richard Hotham Project’s planning agent, Susan Leeson, says in a statement with the application 30% affordable housing has been included in the latest proposals in keeping with Arun’s requirement.


A pedestrian route had also been created around the Regis Centre development and two shops facing Queensway included in the theatre plans. “It is, therefore, considered that all the reasons for refusal have been addressed and overcome and, therefore, the application should now be approved to enable the regeneration of Bognor Regis,” she states.


The latest plans comprise the redevelopment of the Bognor Regis Centre to provide 6,358 sqm of commercial space – including leisure facilities – for mixed development, 64-room hotel, 192 apartments with the provision of 30% affordable housing units, car parking, creation of a new board walk and the conversion of Place St Maur des Fosse into a plaza.


The redevelopment of the Hothampton car park will provide a 1,100-seat theatre, with a 48-bed hotel and conference facilities, two shops facing on to the Queensway and the moving and upgrading of the children’s play area. The Esplanade Theatre site will also be redeveloped to provide a 200-cover destination restaurant and relocation and upgrade of the existing skate park next to the pier.


There will also be three new kiosks along the Promenade to provide retail, toilets & showers.

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