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Wine | Revel in the bargain-price Rioja at Tesco…

This week back in sunny Sussex I am going to suggest that you revel in bargain-price Rioja at Tesco — two stunning choices in terms of value for money.


And it appears that the offer price continues to at least September 26, so I advise you to go there this weekend and avail yourself of these bargains. The Faustino V11 2013 Rioja may well be the entry level Rioja from this famous family — owned Bodega but is a well crafted wine and benefits from some ageing in both barrel and bottle.


Ruby in colour, this wine, having lost the purple intensity of extreme youth, has rich jammy fruits on the palate and vanilla and spice on the finish, clear evidence of the ten months it has spent in new American oak. At just £5, snap this up as I doubt that it will disappoint you.


The other Rioja, namely the Castillo San Lorenzo Reserva 2010, is priced at two bottles for £10, a very low price for a Reserva. You will discover with this wine strawberry and plum fruit with well-rounded tannins balanced with some vanilla oak culminating in a subtle spicy finish — buy some in for Christmas!


My bargain of the week, however, hails from Italy and is a 2015 Ogio Primitivo red wine currently on offer for a mere £4.50. This is a good wine from the Puglia region, in the heel of Italy’s boot and is a soft and juicy wine bursting with spicy blackcurrant and raspberry fruit flavours with a rich velvety finish . At this price fill your boots.


As I browsed the white wine section I unearthed a Vieux Papes Vin de France for the princely sum of £4 and noted its freshness and citrus notes and found it to be very palatable for the price. I also espied a Lindeman’s Bin 65 Australian chardonnay for £5.50 with a 13.5 alcohol volume with pear and vanilla on the nose and good acidity. If you are willing to spend another 50p you can avail yourself of the Macon Villages Blanc retailing at an everyday £6 and enjoy a wine which is slightly creamy, crisp and peachy, good on the palate and decidedly non-acidic.


I hope these recession-buster wines prove suitably therapeutic this weekend.

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