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Cinema ramp back

DISABLED film fans can again see big screen hits in Bognor Regis.


A new access ramp has been installed at the rear of the town’s Picturedrome cinema. Work was completed earlier this week to give those in wheelchairs or mobility scooters the ability to watch the biggest releases in Screen One.


Cinema operator Adam Cunard said: “I’m glad people who are less mobile than others are able to see films here again.


“It’s been unfortunate that we have not been able to offer them that for a few months but we have to make sure whatever arrangements we put in place are safe for everyone.”


The cinema’s former ramp had to be scrapped after a wheelchair user had an accident on it in the summer.


Mr Cunard’s intention to provide a permanent replacement has been put on hold while the preparations for the fourth screen at the cinema continue.


“To install a concrete ramp would cost thousands of pounds. There is no point spending that money only to have to take up it a few months later,” he said. “The wooden ramp that is there now is a good alternative.


“A ramp at the front would need to be 12ft long because of the height of the steps and so that is impossible.”


Once the new screen is built, access for all will be available for Screens One and  Four at the cinema.


Bognor Regis wheelchair user Stacey Bond has welcomed the new ramp. She raised the matter with the Post.


She said: “I go to the cinema with my husband and son about once a week. It’s so convenient and the seats are comfortable for disabled people. It was annoying when we couldn’t get in.”

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