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Fallen of town remembered

FORMER sailor Robert John Stubbs attended a service at Bognor Regis’ roll of honour to pay tribute to his uncle.


Mr Stubbs’ relative disappeared without trace in the Second World War.


He said: “He was in the Royal Artillery. He came out of Java with some troops from Australia as the Japanese went into Singapore and was never seen again. I’m named after him.”


Ex-Chief Petty Officer Mr Stubbs, from Bognor Regis, was among some 50 people who attended the Remembrance Service at the roll of honour which gives the hospital in Bognor Regis its name.


He said: “I’ve been to every one of these services except for last year. I had two grandfathers who served in the First World War and my father fought in the Second World War. It’s very important that, each year, we come and remember all those people who have gone before us and gave their lives for our future.”


The hospital chaplain, the Rev Graham Reeves, led the service held by the hospital’s Friends. He said: “We have come together to worship God and to remember all those who have lived and died in war as they sought to serve others. We will pray for all those who have suffered as a result of war.”



Local historian Cliff Mewett spoke briefly about the survival of Barnham’s 1st Class Stoker Walter Farndon in the 1916 sinking of HMS Hampshire off Scapa Flow in which the famous British war minister, Lord Kitchener, died.


“It’s quite remarkable he was one of only five men out of 1,200 on the ship to survive. He spent a couple of hours in the water clinging on to wreckage before he was washed on to cliffs. He eventually got his strength together and made his way to a cottage where he was taken in,” he said

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