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Friends’ money man steps down

‘MILLION Pound Man’ Martin Judd has stepped down from helping to ensure hospital patients in Bognor Regis are comfortable.


Mr Judd ended 17 years as the honorary treasurer for the Friends charity at Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital this month.


He has overseen the spending of £1.5m-2m in donations during that time. They have been put towards buying equipment which benefits those who have to stay or visit the Shripney Road site but is not provided by the NHS.


Mr Judd said: “The Friends have done very well over the years when you think of the amount of donations I have been involved with for projects in the hospital.


“If you walk around the hospital, you will see stickers on all sorts of equipment which the Friends have bought.


“For a small hospital, Bognor’s is as possibly well equipped as any in the country. That is down to people’s generosity.”


The Friends have also backed their counterparts in Chichester on occasions.


Mr Judd, 81, worked for the NatWest Bank for 39 years. The final years of that career were spent managing its branch in Bognor Regis.


He retired in 1991 and, a few years later, one of his neighbours asked him to take over his role at the Friends.


“The previous treasurer, Peter Hicks, also live in Fish Lane and he told me one day he envisaged me as being his successor.


“I thought it would be good to put something back into the community and I took over in November 1999.


“I have quite enjoyed it over the years but I just felt I had been in the role for a long time and I’ve been trying to find someone else to take over from me,” he said. Mr Judd has accepted the role of president of the Friends. His successor as treasurer is Stephen Sampson.

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