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Listen to the important messages of Movember

Ok, so it’s nearly the end of November and we are seeing a lot of overgrown beards and moustaches about. Personally I am a bit partial to a man with hair! Ha! Ha!


But joking aside I like the fact that men can let it all grow and not worry about shaving for the whole month of November.


So where did Movember originally come from?


Apparently the word ‘Mo’ is Australian slang for moustache.


The idea for Movember was born in 2003 when Travis Garone and his mate Luke Slattery got together to have a couple of beers.


After a few pints eventually their conversation turned randomly to the vanishing of the 1970’s moustache! They wondered if they could bring it back into fashion.


One thought led to another and the two friends realised that there are almost no campaigns to create awareness regarding men’s health.


They found inspiration from the women around them who took an active part in raising funds and spreading awareness about breast cancer and other women’s health issues.


This led them to combine the idea of bringing the moustache back to creating awareness about men’s health, prostate cancer in particular, as they considered it to be the male equivalent of breast cancer.


Sadly throughout the world, a large number of young men are victims of prostate cancer. With this in mind they decided to take some serious steps to change the scenario of men’s health, “one moustache at a time”.


Now the Movember Foundation works on the motto:


“Our fathers, partners, brothers, and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about.


“Men are dying too young. We can’t afford to stay silent.”


In the years that followed the Movember community has continued to grow at an extraordinary pace. They are now officially active in 21 countries.


Since its initiation in 2003, the   Movember Foundation has come a long way, tackling men’s health problems on a global scale focusing on these core issues: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.


The three fundamentals of Movember are:


1. Awareness and education


2. Survivor supports program


3. Research


I have two very close friends at the moment undergoing treatment for cancer. One has just been diagnosed with throat cancer and the other prostate, and they both have only just turned 50.


Often, symptoms of younger men are overlooked because they are ‘too young’ to have such disease.


Unfortunately this is not a true statement, but luckily through the media, charities, and men opening up more about their own health issues, diagnosis is becoming earlier and the survival rates are higher.


If you feel like you have any health issues and have been avoiding discussing it with anyone, make today the day you make that call. It may not be anything as bad as you think, but it’s better to be safer than sorry.


For more information contact the Movember Foundation on: or check out

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