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Rita captures park’s changing colours

ARTIST in residence Rita Herbert has been busy capturing the autumnal glory of Hotham Park.


Rita has been eagerly painting the ever-changing palette of greens, reds and golds which are brightening the Bognor Regis park as the days become shorter.


She held a one-night exhibition of her works in the park’s cafe earlier this month which drew an admiring audience. Elmer resident Rita was appointed to record the scenes around the park by its owner, Arun District Council, three years ago.


The first artist to hold the position, she was initially expected to be in the role for a year. But her artistic talents have proved so successful in transferring the park’s beauty on to paper she has been asked to continue.


“I’ve been coming to the park twice a week recently to watch all the colours,” said Rita, 76. “Autumn is so special because of the way the colours change.


“The park is lovely, though, all through the year. Each season has its own look.”


Rita has lately been using pastels in an A3 sketchbook as a guide for her final painting.


“I used to sketch with pencils but I have started using pastels because they give me a good idea about the colours and enable me to remember them better,” said Rita.


Experienced Rita also joins in the sketching group which meets for an hour in the park every Thursday.

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