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Thousands back call for a northern route for bypass

THOUSANDS of supporters of an A27 northern bypass around Chichester have signed a petition to get the route reinstated – amid warnings of the impact of the alternatives around Bognor Regis.


The number of backers on the e-petition to the government had reached 3,259 a week ago. They need at least 10,000 names to prompt a response.


They are hoping to increase awareness of the result of what they call the inferior southern options and prompt residents across Bognor Regis and the Manhood peninsula to boost the campaign. Sian Taylor has organised the petition at:


She said: “A northern bypass proposal, popular with residents, has been dropped and voting is only on the inferior southern options. Although the southern options are cheaper than a northern bypass, they will all be unable to cope within a few years and the whole process will begin again.


“The northern bypass was on the table and was hastily withdrawn before any public consultation had taken place and no explanation was forthcoming for its withdrawal.


“The point of the petition is to urge that it be put back on the table since the options left are totally inadequate, will be a huge waste of public money, cause so much disruption, damage and misery and are just not acceptable – none will actually do the job required – and at what cost?”


The northern bypass could be achieved with a road sunk into a cutting with minimal impact on the surroundings. It would also take 21 months of construction away from the existing road network.


Building any of the six southern routes would involve 41 months of mayhem on the roads. But there would be further  problems, said Sian.


“Now consider major roads carried on gantries at roof level through already overcrowded area – the majority of the population lives south of the A27 – taking all those fumes and noise, thundering past secondary schools, primary schools and the Free School.


“Add to that, traffic from the south wishing to travel east will be funnelled along Lagness Road and Vinnetrow Road. These roads are overloaded already and there is no obvious way of improving or widening them,” she said.


“It has been acknowledged that this natural extension of the link road, the B2166 and Vinnetrow Road, will need upgrading to a dual carriageway in the not too distant future. It just doesn’t make sense and can’t be done.


“There is simply not enough capacity on the B2166 for the extra traffic. Likewise, the mini-roundabout at the junction of the B2145 and the B2166 just could not cope.”


Sian added that option –  Option 2 by Highways England – would cause the greatest damage to the landscape and to the area’s cultural heritage.


The government has set aside £100-250m between March 2019-March 2021 for the A27 improvement works.

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