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Waste site hours change is rejected

AN ATTEMPT to restore early opening at the Bognor Regis waste site has been rejected.


The county councillor in charge of the service said he would not sanction a change to bring back the 8am starts at the Arun Business Park site in spite of tailbacks being caused by its new 10am opening and two days a week closure.


Cllr David Barling told the business owners: “I do recognise that Bognor HWRS is in a unique position behind a retail/industrial park and, thereby, has a limited access.


“Having now reviewed the statistics on afternoon usage, which demonstrates that in excess of 3,500 visits are made to the facility between 3-5pm each week, and having received representations from two county council colleagues and also from Bersted Parish Council, I have come to the conclusion that it is not appropriate for me to change this so early after the implementation of the scheme on October 1.


“I know you will be disappointed with this but we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”


But he said extra signs and barriers at the site would be quickly installed to try to improve the situation.


County Cllr Francis Oppler said: “It is clear the new arrangements have not worked. I call upon the county council to re-instate the old opening times. At the very least, it should open the site at 8am everyday, which the firms want.”

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