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Health | Best hangover tips!

We’ve all done it. You know what I am talking about…


Lying in bed the next morning after a great night out consisting of dancing on the tables, possibly snogging a work colleague that you have fancied for the entire year, ordering shots with everyone at the bar because somehow, at that point in the evening it seemed like a really good idea.


Your head is pounding, your throat is dry, the nausea is awful (you feel lucky if you haven’t been sick yet) and there is absolutely no way you can even entertain opening the curtain and letting even a millimetre of light in as it feels like it could burn a hole in your eyes.


Yes, it is the season…the season to party! Works parties, friend’s parties, family gatherings! It goes on and on in the month of December. But why do some of us never learn that hangovers can be one of the worst feelings on the planet?


There are a few little tricks to drinking that could just help you reduce that ‘next day’ sickness and those involve learning which drinks are less likely to cause such awful hangovers.


Of course, not drinking at all would be the best option, but, as that’s unlikely to happen with the majority, its best to know your facts!


These are the rules to play by:


Alcoholic beverages that are light in colour, such as gin, light rum, vodka or white wine leave you with less of a hangover, especially if you only stick to one type of alcohol all evening.


Do not mix your drinks – it’s an age-old rule! If you start blending dark liquors, such as mixing red wine with brandy, you’ll be ingesting different varieties of congeners from both, setting yourself up for a worse hangover than if you’d stuck to only one type of spirit.


Some congener-laden spirits to avoid in excess are, brandy, red wine, bourbon, dark rum and whiskey.


In case you don’t know, congeners are a byproduct of some types of fermentation. Sometimes they’re impurities in spirits, and other times they’re trace elements added to stabilise or flavour them. These substances vary in different types of alcoholic beverages, but when they get into your system they cause or heighten some of the symptoms associated with hangovers.


Alcohol is a diuretic, which makes your body work hard to conserve water after the binging is over.


This is what results in headaches and nausea. Along with all that liquid loss, you also lose important trace chemicals like magnesium and potassium, which will make you feel tired and lethargic.


The best hangover cure is not a greasy fry up followed by copious amounts of coffee, as that will dehydrate you further! Initially, what you need is hydration, toxin removal and anti-oxidants in abundance to give you your natural energy back so you don’t crash and burn later in the day.


If you haven’t already got one, get yourself a Nutri-bullet, or a similar type blender. Throw in some alkalizing, toxin removing and anti-oxidant making remedies and sip through a straw. Admittedly a little effort is needed in order to achieve this, but it is worth it. You are worth it!


First of all get yourself some coconut water. It contains anti-oxidants and electrolytes, specifically potassium.


Anti-oxidants and electrolytes are key components of any hangover cure, as is potassium for hydration. Then throw in any number of the following natural, immune boosting, hydrating and anti-oxidant ingredients such as pineapple, celery, parsley, ginger, lemon, limes, berries and peppermint. You can use chlorella (the super food powder) in your smoothie to help remove some of the toxins and pop some milk thistle drops in as an added measure. Milk thistle stimulates the regeneration of cells damaged by alcohol.


Charcoal tablets are also an amazing remedy to have on stand by. If you take them when you get home rather than waiting until the next morning, its even better as they absorb toxins and help remove out of the body. Then you can get on with your Christmas preparations without feeling so bad, enjoy!


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