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Health | The power of positivity for the New Year!

Christmas is a time to relax, have all the family over, eat too much, go for long walks and generally unwind.  It’s cold outside and the perfect time for cuddling up on the sofa to watch the classic feel good Christmas movies.


Groundhog Day has been around for a while. The movie was made in 1993 and I am sure lots of you have watched it, but if you haven’t I would highly recommend it.


The story is lovely, and so thought- provoking. Basically it’s about a man, who simply gets stuck on the same day over and over again.


At the beginning of the film he is a grumpy, unappreciative, bored-of-life middle-aged man. Then he gets stuck in this cycle of repeating his day, until he learns to be kind, more thoughtful, helpful, appreciative, considerate, happy and interested in other people’s lives.


It’s an amazing journey when you re-evaluate it after watching – its just how life is! He goes through stages of boredom, confusion, anger, frustration, rudeness, selfishness and just a sheer lack of compassion and gratitude for life. When he realises this is getting him nowhere, he has to re- think and re-build himself. He starts to see the gifts in life such as how good it makes him feel to be kind, to smile more, to be cheerful, to listen to others and actually be interested in what they have to say.


He begins to do random acts of kindness and perform good deeds without wanting anything in return. He starts to appreciate the tiny things in life, which in turn allows him to love easier, feel much more happiness, and creates a buzz of positivity everywhere he goes.


Yes, it all sounds very cliché! But isn’t that what life should be about? Don’t we all need to stop and think at times if we are being the best that we can be? If everyone just tried to show kindness and care a little more, become more positive and thoughtful, and show more love and gratitude wouldn’t the world be a better place?


Creating positivity empowers us, and everyone around us! A positive outlook on life is arguably one of the greatest assets of all. Positive people expect success, good health, happiness, wealth and good relationships and those things tend to show up in their lives.


This is not because they are already successful, or because they are more confident and outgoing, it is simply the attitude. This is a basic law of attraction: positive thoughts breed positive results. Your thoughts are much more powerful than just electric signals between synapses, they affect your life and those around you.


Here are some positivity rules for 2017:


1. Expect good things to happen: success, love, health, happiness, wealth, a hot date! Look for opportunities for your goals to be reached at all times and pounce on them when you see them.


2. Disregard and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if you started thinking something pessimistic, just take a deep breath and think the opposite, positive, thought.


3. Stop hanging out with negative people. They drain you on a daily basis and prevent you from reaching your positivity potential. Negative people are burdens and leeches!


4. Before starting on any new project or activity, visualise the positive outcome that you want to come from what you are doing. Fear and failure are no longer options!


5. Do things that make you happy! Keep it simple.


6. No more saying “I can’t”, only “I can!” Anything is possible with optimism.


7. Walk and sit with a straight spine and shoulders back. Good posture breeds confidence and optimism. Also exercise regularly, even if it is only light exercise. Physical activity releases all kinds of positive endorphins that can do wonders for even the most pessimistic people.


Your thoughts control your life, so they may as well be happy! Make 2017 your best year yet!

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