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As YOU can imagine I actually do read statistical information because as a growing organisation we need to know such detail but my absolute favourite is a good read for anyone who likes to know the key issues that will impact us – West Sussex Life 2017-2019 is a jolly good read.


The latest edition of West Sussex Life 2017-2019 – which gives a statistical snapshot of daily life in our county – is now in your library and available online to residents, businesses and communities.


The free publication is a comprehensive research tool put together by West Sussex County Council. It’s the go-to tool for anything you want to know about the county and is packed with easy-to-understand information relating to all aspects of daily life for residents and communities – including an Arun and Chichester perspective.


Startling facts such as people receiving ‘meals on wheels’ only see another person once a fortnight. Arun saw the biggest growth in 65+ populations, rising to 4,668 people – of which 23 per cent said they were moderately or severely lonely.


Chichester came out as the least affordable area to live in West Sussex, yet the statistics for those on benefits in this area is surprisingly high.


How about this fact – there are 25,000 more women than men in the county.


Or is this surprising? Just over 19,000 people in West Sussex speak something other than English as their first language – the largest group being those who speak Polish. For those who said it is not their first language, 83 per cent said they could still speak English well or very well. Only around 900 said they did not speak English at all.


Another nugget – the annual cost of alcohol-related harm in the UK is estimated to be £21 billion. 96 per cent of GPs in West Sussex said alcohol misuse had been raised as a concern during a health appointment in the past 12 months. Arun had the second highest number of alcohol-related admissions to hospital in the county.


It delightfully contains rather obscure facts like how many bins have been emptied or the detail about use of libraries. So if you have a burning desire to find some facts or you love statistical info pop in your library or download it on the iPad and read it on your bus journey…it really is in a fabulous format that actually makes it quite compelling. Really.


For us, the report simply helps us access funds by providing important key local data that helps us focus on the right services, prove our point and we can project the future.


You can view West Sussex Life 2017-2019 online at

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