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Beauty | The benefits of Pevonia

Elite eco-friendly and natural skincare line Pevonia Botanica UK provides effective natural skincare solutions for women, men, teens, and preteens of every skin type and ethnicity.
It utilises nature’s purest holistic botanical and marine elements combined with high-tech manufacturing to deliver remarkable visible results.
Pevonia provides spas and salons nationwide with progressive knowledge and advanced techniques that effectively produce visible results. Their award-winning products focus on repairing and rejuvenating skin to help customers feel confident in themselves.
The name Pevonia stems from Greek mythology. Legend tells of physician to the gods, Paion, who discovered peonia – exquisite flowers whose purity and power was said to miraculously cure a number of illnesses.
When husband-and-wife team Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy launched Pevonia in October 1991, little did they realise how quickly it would become one of the premier skin, body and spa lines both nationally and internationally. It now boasts more than 50% of the professional skincare market in the USA – and is distributed in more than 95 countries worldwide.
Pevonia was launched in the UK in April 1999 and is counted as the leading spa range. At the Beauty Rooms in Chichester they believe Pevonia UK is instrumental in developing the spa market in the UK.
The goal at the Beauty Rooms is to enhance total guest experience with Pevonia’s advanced formula products and treatments that help the skin, mind and body.
Pevonia Botanica offers a full line of skin care products containing the most potent and effective naturally sourced ingredients. These are then incorporated within technologically advanced formulations and treatments, delivering remarkable, highly visible results.
The most popular facials at The Beauty Rooms are The Lumafirm, Retinol and Stem Cell which all deliver outstanding results.
For best results a monthly facial is recommended with the use of correct products at home. All formulas are proven non-comedogenic, contain no PABA’s, mineral oil, lanolin, artificial fragrances, artificial colours or alcohol and are non-animal tested.
For a full list of treatments involving Pevonia please visit or call 01243539571.
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