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Food | Sen-sational flavours!

Sen Restaurant is all about the experience of enjoying food, with its friendly atmosphere and Mediterranean inspired decor that transports customers away to another world. A world of warmer climes with food that’s made for sharing and complimented by bread, olive oil and plenty of good wine (or even, in this case, tempting cocktails if you fancy it!)
The selection of Mediterranean cuisine and tapas at Sen is created especially to delight customers and perhaps introduce them to a style of food that they might not have discovered as of yet.
Their weekday tapas offer of three dishes for only £9.99 is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the traditional dining experience of the sun-kissed regions of the south of Europe.
Why not try an authentic tortilla espanol (Spanish omlette), azeitunas alinada (marinated olives and peppers) or the very popular dish patatas ali-oli (potatoes in homemade garlic mayonaise)?
Tapas is ideal for sharing as well as for those with smaller appetites.
They also serve as a great selection if you understandably can’t make up your mind up from the exciting list of main courses on their menu. With a delicious choice of meat dishes  that include lamb, chicken and steak – all fresh and tender meat as well as a specific vegetarian menu there are plenty of main courses if you don’t feel like sharing!
Sen is run by family members and their friends ensuring that the atmosphere of the restaurant is always welcoming and fun-filled. The owner of Sen, known around Bognor Regis as Mr Happy, is extremely proud of his business and loves welcoming new customers in to try their food. In fact the recipes and techniques used at Sen are inspired by family-known dishes and prepared with as much love and care as they would use when cooking food for their own family meals.
This is also true of the menu available on Valentine’s Day. With February 14 coming up it’s time to start thinking about where to go with your loved one for a meal. Everything about Mediterranean dining invites that romantic atmosphere; with its sharing of food and rich yet fresh flavours.
Specifically for this Valentine’s Day Mr Happy and his team are offering a delicious set menu at extremely reasonable prices. Choose from their selection of starters, mains and desserts for a mouth-watering three course menu.
To start why not try the house special mixed meze to share? A sumptuous platter of humus, cacik, tawama, dolma, potato salad, pilaki, feta and ciabata bread. There’s also the borek – minced lamb and cheese coated in breadcrumbs.
For those who like things a little hot there are the jalapeno bullets, which are deep fried jalapeno peppers filled with cream cheese. Or for something a lottle more exotic you could try the mantarli karedes – baked king prawns cooked in white wine, cream, mushrooms and topped with grated cheese. The final selection for the startets are croquettes filled with mushrooms and chicken.
Of course, though, the star of the show is the main course. All of the main meals on the Valentine’s menu are served with fresh vegetables, rice or potatoes to compliment the flavours of the food.
For lovers of meat there is an 8oz sirloin steak, a chicken and bacon roll or a chargrilled chiken breast. If you are in the mood for seafood you can choose between a mixed fish and seafood pasta or sea bass that has been marinated in olive oil and herbs.
The vegetarian option for the main course is the dolma – vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, onions, pine kernals, herbs and topped with a tomato sauce. They are also happy to provide alternative vegetarian options if you ask in advance.
Finally, for a perfect conclusion to the evening there is your choice of desserts such as tiramisu glace, homemade strawberry cheesecake and turkish delight ice cream. For a more detailed list of the Valentine’s Day menu give Mr Happy or one of his staff a call on 01243 869933.
You may not be in need of a meal for Valentine’s Day but why not pay Sen restaurant a visit another time? They strive to help their customers feel welcome and to provide an authentic Mediterranean experience. Visit
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