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Health | Healthy backs for 2017

Do you suffer from debilitating lower back pain?


The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme aims to help those who suffer from discomfort in that specific area.


The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs trains and supports teachers nationwide using their specialised evidence-based Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme.


These teachers have already qualified in, and had considerable experience of, general yoga teaching before training in this more specific yoga aimed to help with lower back problems.


Working in Bognor Regis is Margaret Simmons who has recently become a qualified instructor for Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.


Through the healing medium of yoga Margaret is able to help strengthen weak areas of your back and loosen stiff segments that may have been caused by past injuries. She can also teach you how to rebalance posture and strengthen muscles while improving and maintaining strength, mobility, circulation and the health of your nerves.


Margaret is especially concerned with helping those who struggle to exercise due to their back problems and she hopes to assist people in finding their way back into a regular excersise routine.


Everyone can benefit from yoga whether suffering from your first episode of back pain or if you want to lessen the intensity and recurrence of episodes.


As part of a nationwide institute Maragret has a wealth of knowledge and experience at her side, and is ready to help people start their new year in the best possible condition.


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