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Now perfectly positioned within Chichester town centre thanks to their expansion this year, Arundel Physio can be found just off North Street.


Three years ago the team took over an established physiotherapy clinic in Walberton and Arundel and having proved succesful there, they are now able to share their expertise with the residents of Chichester.


At Arundel Physio the team of highly trained and specialist therapists offer a wide variety of physiotherapy services. Made up of Sacha, Jery and Jessica, the relitively small group can provide a more personal service, with the continuity of care tailored to each individuals needs.


Patient can be referred privately to Arundel Physio by their GP, Consultant or they can self refer.


Arundel Physio are proud of the fact they offer a thorough assessment, treatment or onward referral for further investigations when necessary. They can ensure you get working on the right exercises with good insight into your problem and the confidence to self-mange or prevent reoccurrence.


Orthopaedic and Rheumatology consultants often refer to them for rehabilitation pre and post operations such as hip and knee joint replacement and shoulder surgery.


General physiotherapy can include acute and chronic pain in the spine and peripheral joints, whether it be for arthritis, sports injuries or unknown causes, and Arundel Physio are there to help.
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