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Property | Crown Properties reigns supreme

Modern estate agents combines the best of the traditional service and an online presence


What are the key priorities of Crown Properties for their clients?
Our key priorities to our clients are ensuring a stress free sales process post sale. Also we give an accurate and honest market appraisal which means we can qualify honest and ready potential buyers.
As Crown was established by local people, how does this help clients looking for properties in the area?
Having been born and raised locally and educated locally we feel a very strong personal connection with the town and can therefore sell with complete confidence and promote with passion. The market down here on the south coast often varies from further inland and the bigger cities so it helps to have inside knowledge.
You are actually an online based company. What are the benefits of this set-up?
We prefer the term “Modern Estate Agents” as opposed to “Online” simply because “online” suggests a very distant and flat rate based service with added extras at a cost. THIS IS NOT US. We run a traditional Estate agency offering a fully inclusive service with professional photography (another local with a passion for presenting the perfect house) and EPC’s covered in our very low fee of just 0.75%. All that separates us from the High Street agents is a high street office, without this we are able to work 7 days a week and ‘till 8pm to ensure those families that work late can still view their dream home. We work from an office down Durban Road and welcome customers on a daily basis.
You won the New Business of the Year award at the Arun Business Partnership awards last year, what did this mean to you? And why do you think you were selected above the competition?
This meant the absolute world to us, as young entrepreneurs trying to break through in a very competitive and sometimes cut throat business it really makes the long hours worth while.
What are some of the awards you have won this year?
In our first year we won New Business Of The Year, in our second year we were nominated and shortlisted for the south coasts Small Business Of The Year award and fingers crossed this year we can continue the trend and scoop up some more.
When was Crown Properties established and how have you seen it develop since then?
We officially opened for Business in the Summer 2014 and from conception we have seen confidence in what we promise increase with every new client. We knew it would be a hard task growing in such a competitive industry and our initial aim was to be different. We wanted to show what Estate Agency could be with transparency and passion. Not just numbers and stats and I think after our first few years we have achieved this and continue to push the boundaries of our business.
What can clients expect from your service that is different from that provided by other companies?
Clients can firstly expect a friendly face. Frustratingly, first impressions do count and we truly believe that our clients deserve a pressure free environment to move and grow in, without the added pressures that some agents apply we allow our clients to freely express how they feel in both purchasing a property and marketing theirs for sale. We also fully appreciate the stresses that moving, selling and/or relocating can present and to that end we endeavor to build our service around you. We can call as little or as much as you would like based on your schedule and your timescale to sell. Finally, a major sticking point we have found has been contract length. We are that confident that we can sell your property in a shorter period that we will NEVER tie you into a 3 Month or even 6 month contract. After a relaxed discussion we agree a timescale that we feel suits your needs.
And finally, do you have any plans for development or change in 2017?
This year we will continue to grow our business locally and continue to support locally also. We sponsor a local Banham football team the Trojans, and we also donate £100 from every sale to StonePillow a local homeless charity reintegrating those fallen on harder times back into society. Our work with the community will continue so keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help and events you can come along too.
We hope to take on another apprentice this year also to help in our expansion into the lettings side of things.
Crown Properties offers a fully inclusive service with professional photography and EPCs covered in our very low fee.
Address: 3A Durban Rd, Christie Pl, Bognor Regis PO22 9RT
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