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Music | Get in tune for the new year with GB Music

THE most popular time for starting new hobbies is now. And what hobby is more fulfilling than taking up a musical instrument?
So often I hear people say they wish they could play an instrument, but they never actually do anything about it.
Why not change that this year?
We spoke to David from GB Music in Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis to find out more:
Why do you think music is so important to people, regardless of whether they play an instrument or not?
Music allows you to step away from the rigors of life for a while. It can motivate you as much as soothe you depending on where and what the music is. Some background music can help you concentrate on tasks, other music can jog memories or provide the push to get on and do ‘that thing that needs to be done’!
How can your team at GB help people get involved with music?
We have contacts for tutors, education groups in the community, informal places to go and see or play.
There are a number of music event groups that rely on volunteers and professionals alike and we can put people in touch if they want to get involved. It might be a small community gathering through to bigger events such as Bognorphenia or Rox Music and Arts. GB Music has been involved with many such organisations in different capacities over the years.
What products and services do you provide at GB Music?
We sell quite a wide range of instruments, from guitars and other stringed instruments for folk, orchestral and modern styles, with a very wide range of strings and accessories along with expert fitting, setup and repair services in fully equipped workshops if needed.
We also sell Kazoos, Tin Whistles, Saxophones, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones and other brass and woodwind instruments.
Drummers and Percussionists can get Sticks, stands, Drum skins, practice pads and general spares and accessories for day to day use from budget to many big brands.
We are main dealers for amplifiers from makers such as Marshall and Peavey, Speakers and PA equipment from budget brands through to top professional equipment. We stock Microphones, all kinds of stands accessories – pretty much anything needed for a venue or event activity. We also supply a range of LED lighting, star-cloths and other effects, and have a good reputation for our wide range of leads and connectors for audio, lighting, event and studio use.
What are your most popular products and services?
Day to day spares such as strings, drum skins, sticks, leads, spare parts, and of course re-strings and general repairs by Ian from String Instrument repairs, whose workshop is also within the shop.
We also arrange electrical repairs for a wide range of equipment.
Do a lot of experienced musicians come to you for these?
We are thankful to be trusted from local buskers to local school, university and college music departments, through to world-famous touring musicians. We’ve even supplied specialist equipment for orchestras from our little shop. But that’s the difference – we listen and try our best to help – no matter who the customer is, we want them to be happy to come back again.
What do you have for those with no musical background wanting to get started?
We have books and contacts for tutors and community music organisers. But if you just fancy having a go on a ukulele, or a harmonica, we sell lots of those too, of course!
Yes, tutors, jam nights, community music groups and educators often leave information for those interested in getting started, or to network and get involved.
As an independent company what can you offer customers that’s different from other shops?
We listen and like to help people understand their options. We won’t sell you something unless we think it’s suitable – and then it’s always your decision. We never want people to leave feeling they’ve been sold more than they really wanted.
Over the years, we have provided sound management and general event services to local authority and private or community events. The largest being a 92-piece orchestra with nine vocalists, the most complex being multi-stage events for the Southdown folk festival, and the smallest being a speaker and a microphone for a local council meeting. In the past, we’ve been involved with community music training via Lottery funds and local authority grants especially helping young people find their way getting started with music of all styles.
What can customers expect if they give GB Music a visit?
A friendly welcome without excessive sales pressure – we want you to buy from us, of course, but you must feel comfortable that you are in control, so you can return many times for support, upgrades,  servicing, or simply a quick chat.
We always remember you have a choice. GB Music just try to provide Sound Sense in a Loud World
More details about the products and services offered by GB Music can be found by visiting its premises at 44 Aldwick Road in Bognor Regis, calling 01243 864692 or looking at its website:
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