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More facts needed as housing proposal in Yapton is rejected

A LACK of facts has seen housing plans for Yapton refused planning permission.


Arun District Council has rejected the latest outline proposal for up to 100 homes on land south of Ford Lane and east of North End Road for four reasons.


Its planning consultant, David Innes, said in a report: “While the principle for residential development would be acceptable, it is essential that the council does not approve development that has not fully considered other policy matters.


“In this case, there are objections from Highways England and WSCC on the lack of an update to the traffic assessment, a need for consideration of noise from the adjacent Orchard Business Park and the council’s arboriculturist has requested revisions to the tree survey as the calculations are flawed.


“Despite requests to the agent to provide updated information, this was not provided. Therefore, the application must be recommended for refusal on lack of crucial information.”


An undertaking from the developer, Keith Langmead Ltd, was also unacceptable, said Mr Innes. It failed to fully take into account the need to pay for public services used by those who will live in the proposed housing.


Keith Langmead Ltd wants to use 3.4 hectares of a 6.7ha field for the dwellings. The rest of the land will be public open space and landscaping. Objections to the scheme were received by Arun from 141 households and Yapton Parish Council.


This was the third plan for the site. The first was rejected by Arun in March, 2014, and the next that October. This was allowed on appeal but the government’s secretary of state dismissed the appeal.

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