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Later Life | Putting your well-being first at Summerley Care Home

Located on the tranquil Southview Road between Bognor Regis and Felpham, Summerley Care Home truly lives up to its summery name!


With the beach just a five-minute walk away, it allows residents the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air of the seaside and the temperate climate of the south’s sunshine coast.


Owned by husband and wife Mr and Mrs Petrie, Summerley Care Home specialises in dementia care and is a residential home for patients with all levels of dementia. Their highly qualified staff are trained to treat extreme cases of dementia that might prove too much of a challenge in other care homes.


As an independent and family run care home, Summerley are able to offer their patients a more personal level of care, aided by the fact that most of their residents live there long-term and become well acquainted with the staff.


The home manage, Bryony Sutherland, spoke to us about what makes Summerley different to other care homes. She said: “We pride ourselves not only on our family friendly atmosphere but the high level of care we are able to provide.”


For those who are still partially independent there is the option of day care at Summerley. Any day of the week patients are welcome to spend the day at Summerley whether in need of some specialist care, a rest from looking after themselves or a break for relatives unable to provide constant care for their loved ones.


The day care is available at any time of the day to allow the care to fit in with your needs and life. Day care treatment at Summerley could be a one-off experience or a regular occurrence. Many patients who go to Summerley for this often make it a weekly visit – something to look forward to for both the patient and staff.


Summerley Care Home boasts 21 peaceful rooms, complete with televisions, beds and furniture. Although they provide everything needed, residents are also invited to bring along any furniture of their own that they wish to have with them. Thirteen of these rooms also have  en-suite bathrooms, providing the most comfortable experience possible.


Rooms at the home are often in high demand and quite often they are all occupied. To help with this, recently, the home saw major refurbishments taking place with three rooms built to provide accommodation for more residents. Two of these rooms are currently available and have yet to be lived in.


The well-being and happiness of the patients is really the priority at Summerley, though. With a packed activity programme including gardening, films and creative workshops, there’s something for everyone at the home. They hold two activities every day to ensure everyone is having as much fun as possible. Their most popular activities are Craig’s Hour of Fun, which includes music, exercising, singing and poetry and Sharon’s Reminiscences in which residents and day care patients travel back to a specific time in history with the use of storytelling and music.


Sharon, who provides the reminiscing experience, is extremely fond of working at Summerley. She said: “It is a very warm and friendly atmosphere at Summerley. What I really love is seeing the residents’ well-being. They are always happy and keen to join in with my work which says a lot.”


Summerley’s location also provides opportunities for more activities for the residents. Every week they take a trip to the beach, weather permitting, and they are involved with trips out and about whether to the shops or to church. At Christmas, they make sure everyone has the chance to go to the local pantomime. Oh yes they do!


Part of what makes Summerly unique is the fact it is family-run. Family is therefore an important aspect of life at Summerley with the residents frequently visited by their relatives and loved ones – and this can also include beloved pets. It’s not unusual for furry friends to pay the residents a visit, and there is also the option of having the pets live with them in the home. It’s these small details that help Summerley Care Home to achieve a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that sets them apart from other care homes.


For more information visit or call 01243 823330.

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