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Spaceman Tim takes pupils out of this world

DOWN-TO-EARTH Tim Peake told Chichester pupils being an astronaut was like learning to skateboard.


Tim captivated some 50 children from his former schools on a private visit to the city’s Novium Museum.


His answers to their host of questions gave an unparalleled insight into life 400kms above Earth.


Tim spent six months aboard the International Space Station as the first British-flagged astronaut.


He said: “Coming back on Earth is really tough on the body. But going into space sees your body have a really good time because of the microgravity. You feel liberated. Your muscles don’t need to work.


“It takes about two weeks to get used to it. It’s like learning to play tennis or to skateboard. There’s a learning curve until you get used to it.


“When you land, your heart is too small, your blood pressure is too low and you don’t have enough blood in your body. If you got up straight out of the spacecraft after you landed, you would collapse.”


Tim spent about two hours at the museum last Friday. It was his visit back to his home city since he landed last summer and he was about to look around the museum’s exhibition about  his interstellar exploits.


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