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Calls to act on hazardous road junction

DANGEROUS potholes at a busy Rose Green junction could injury cyclists, it has been claimed.


The series of holes, some easily big enough to accommodate a foot and up to two to three inches deep, pepper the surface of Nyetimber Lane at the crossroads with Rose Green Road and Gossamer Lane.


Edwin Jones, the area’s branch secretary of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, said: “They are in the wrong positions for cyclists. It’s quite a dangerous situation.


“When you set off from the lights on a bike, you want to keep away from the traffic but the potholes are right in the way of you doing that.


“When I want to turn right, which will take me straight over a pothole, so I have to steer a bit left and go round it. If you go straight through the lights before they change, you have got to be really careful to avoid the biggest of the potholes.”


The junction has replaced the roundabout at the eastern end of Gossamer Lane with Barrack Lane as the worst pitted surface in the area after the roundabout was resurfaced by West Sussex County Council’s contractors earlier this month.


Aldwick parish councillor Alan Smith said a complaint about the potholes had been made at a recent meeting by a resident. He believed a wheel of the man’s mobility aid had become trapped in one of the potholes.


This had caused the elderly pedestrian to lose his footing.


“The road at the junction is in a terrible condition,” said Cllr Smith. “It would be very easy for a cyclist going across there to hit one of the potholes.


“There are about four of them. Two are very close to the entrance to the Co-op store where a lot of traffic goes in and out. It’s hard to see the potholes when it’s raining because they fill up with water.


“A cyclist might not realise they are there and it could tip them off.


“That junction gets a lot of traffic and there are many heavy vehicles and buses every 20 minutes throughout the day which use it.


“There were some potholes there a while back and, if they are not sealed properly, the rain just gets back in them.”


A county council spokesman said on Wednesday: “We will be repairing three potholes in the area by the end of the week.”

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