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Inspiring pupils

CARING Bognor Regis student Johan Keijer-Petch has taken centre stage at a national event at Wembley.


Johan, from The Regis School, addressed 12,000 young people at the famous stadium as part of the countrywide We Day celebration.


He was invited to represent the organisation’s India trip team after his story of social action of helping to build a school on the sub-continent inspired its leaders.


He followed singer Jessie J on stage to speak to the crowd and then took part in an interactive game of Would you rather? with the audience.


Johan was among a 23-strong contingent from The Regis School invited to enjoy the day as a result of their social and local actions.


The group of students has been actively involved in the past 12 months in campaigning and charity work. Among them was Katrice Maskell, 16, who was inspired by the special day. She said:


“Change – that is what we gathered here today for.


“The accomplishment and extraordinary changes caused by young people in the community. A very powerful message reached us all.


“Our voices mean something. They will be heard if we speak up and the importance of us all in the social change process, as the future generation. If I have taken anything from today, it is the inspiration to do more, take part in more, help more. I want us all to unite. Not just as the youth, not just as a country, but as an entire world.


“We are all members of one body and we must all do our part to make it the best world to live, grow and thrive in – to fight against discrimination and oppression, to purify the contamination and corruption that this world contains and make it an even better place to explore.”


Katrice was among those who heard moving stories from a host of other young people and celebrities. They included actress Kate Winslet. She encouraged them to ‘re-think how we social-share. Be kind, be wise…share stories’ as she encouraged the young people to put down their phones and speak to each other face to face.


The inspirational day – full of motivation and reflection – was also attended by a group of Year 10 and Year 12 students from Felpham Community College.


Shannon Noble, of Year 12, was one of them. She said: “The day was excellent. I am on the college’s charity committee and this has definitely inspired me to do more and to think outside the box on what I can achieve.”


The other Felpham students were: Charlotte Cogger, Daisy Ford, Joseph Greenaway, Georgia Henton, Max Hughes, Abigail James, Morgan Jones, Holly Lewis, Isabella Saunders, Edward Searle, Eleanor Shimell, Hayley Tomkins and Charlotte Waters.

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