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Plenty of fun on offer when clowns arrive

CLOWNING around will take centre stage in Bognor Regis again next month.


The funnymen and women’s fondness for the town will result in smiles galore in their latest festival by the sea.


Clowns’ International will be staging three days of comic capers in public on April 7-9 for all ages to enjoy.


Among those taking part will be Bognor Regis-born Zaz and his unicycle.


“I’m looking forward to having fun in Bognor Regis again,” he said. “I’m a product of the town’s Clowns’ Convention. I was ten or 11 when Kerby Drill came into Edward Bryant Primary School to get us to take part in the parade.


“I went and remember saying to my parents it was what I wanted to do – and here I am still doing it. I’ve got two children now, aged two and four, and they’re budding clowns.


“I’ve got my own circus which I take round to schools.


“The festival is also the perfect time to show that ‘clowns are cool’ after all the scary clown stories that were so bad last Hallowe’en.”


The latest festival promises to build on the popularity of last year’s Back to Bognor return after three years away.


Some 30 clowns are expected to join in the fun and provide an amazing experience for their audiences.


The clowns will arrive in town on April 5 and hold private workshops and talks at the Jeneses Centre before the public events begin on April 7.


That day will see workshops at 11am for seniors and toddlers, a 6pm family clown show and a gala clown show at 8.30pm at the centre in Linden Road.


Saturday will see workshops and shows at Jeneses as well as Bognor Regis Pier, the Regis Centre and in the town centre.


On the final day of April 9, there will be an 11am clown church service at Jeneses with a parade and picnic with the clowns at 2pm in Hotham Park.


Among those taking part will be newly-married Silly Tilley and Jarl, pictured right below. They met at Bognor Regis and have chosen the festival as the perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon with humour.


One of the festival’s organisers, Susi Oddball, said: “It will be good to be back in Bognor Regis again – and we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun.


“One of our events will be our first silver workshop for more mature clowns.


“We’ve got clowns coming from Denmark, America, Ireland, Scotland and, possibly, Greenland. All of them are giving up their time to take part because we don’t have any funding.”

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