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Radar speed display approved for estate

MOTORISTS will be encouraged to slow down on private roads in Elmer.


The company which owns the Elmer Sands Estate has received planning permission to temporarily install one piece of radar equipment with three posts to be moved around the roads.


This will alert speeding drivers by surveying and displaying how fast they are travelling.


Arun District Council planning officer Anita Gardner said the equipment – measuring about 41cm wide and 63.5m high – was acceptable.


She says in her decision report: “The estate extends to about 380 properties with a little over 500 adult residents.


“A sample survey carried out by the applicants, Elmer Sands Ltd, indicated a 94 per cent support…from the estate members who could be directly affected by the application.


“Since the display has limited dimensions, and will be moved between three locations, it will have no adverse impact on the appearance of the street scene when it is only present in a particular location for a limited period.


“There will be three posts at different locations chosen from the ten locations shown on the application.”


In its proposal, the estate company said speeding vehicles were a particular concern as the estate roads were narrow and lacked pavements. A lack of street lighting made the situation even more dangerous when it was dark, it added.

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