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A27 Bypass



I was delighted to read of Cllr Goldsmith’s initiative to resurrect the A27 Chichester bypass project through a community workshop.


I was, however, disappointed to read that it appeared Chichester District centric and, as a postscript, that Bognor Regis was seeking to hold a similar and separate workshop.


The greatest contribution to the horror that is our bypass, over and above the 42 per cent of through traffic, is the volume of traffic to and from the three roads that impact this stretch of road, the A259, the B2145/2166 and the A286.


These are the three roads on which the inhabitants of all parishes south of Chichester rely. They include all parishes from West Wittering to Middleton on Sea, some eight in Chichester district and 11 in Arun district.


A very significant addition to his horror is the recent decision by Arun District Council to include in its local plan applications to build a further 4,000 homes in Pagham and Bersted in the near future and the government imposition of targets to build a further minimum of 1,000 homes every year until 2031 in the district.


The impact of the inevitable huge increase in traffic volumes will be devastating.  On the assumption that any improvements to the bypass are not likely to be achieved within five years, life for those in the south and users of the bypass is going to become intolerable.


While there is a major battle looming between ADC and its citizens in the far corner of its district based on the very real problems of inadequate infrastructure, jobs and facilities, I very much hope that the county council’s future efforts to find resolution will be completely inclusive of all those communities described and that we start thinking harder about the impact of housing plans on our highways. I suggest we need ROADS BEFORE HOUSES.


CB Hamilton


Flint Barn, Pagham, Chichester, PO20 1LW

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