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Arun District Council



Hilary Flynn wrote to me asking for my vote in the upcoming WSCC election.  Hilary advised me that “West Sussex County Council provides 80 per cent of local services.”


I emailed her  saying that, if WSCC supply 80 per cent of our services, why does Arun District Council exist?


I further asked of Hilary Flynn: “This being the case, can you advise how we can rid ourselves of ADC and save the residents the enormous cost of having a district council who only provide 20 per cent of our services.


“It does not seem necessary or cost effective for ADC to exist and by removing ADC we will be able to afford the services Arun needs that are currently being cut.”


I asked this of Hilary Flynn as she states in her letter to me -“Maintaining front line services is my priority”.


My question of “Why does Arun District Council exist?” is a very important one and should, in my view, be considered very seriously by all residents.


Think of all the good we could do without having to pay the millions of pounds ADC costs us.


In addition, the failure of ADC to protect us by having a local plan has meant that developers can now force through housing, flats, hotels etc. in the magnitude they wish for and we have no power to stop them as, we have no local plan for developers to abide by.


Another thing to remember is that ADC have been trying to regenerate Bognor Regis for well over a decade where it has wasted millions of pounds with no regeneration having been achieved.


Houses, flats and hotels are not regeneration but investing in things to attract visitors to spend money in Bognor means the town has the income to regenerate Bognor in the way the residents want.  Not what ADC is still trying to impose upon us.


Let us ask ourselves again, Do we need Arun District Council?


Roger Thomas,


Andrew Avenue, Felpham.

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