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Generous shoppers donate goods to keep town’s Foodbank stocked

EVENING shifts helped to ensure plenty of donated supplies for the Bognor Regis Foodbank.


Volunteers staged their first stints from 4.30pm-7pm at a two-day collection event at Tesco in Shripney Road.


The result was a resounding success. The opening day last Thursday saw 13 trayfuls of food – or one every 12 minutes – handed over by shoppers.


That equalled some 156kg of food given and was 50 per cent of the amount collected in the rest of the day.


Sue White, the Foodbank’s joint co-ordinator, said she expected the pattern to be repeated on the second day.


“We decided to have volunteers at the stall for our three-day national collection in December with other foodbanks and it was a big success.


“That has continued at this event, which we hold ourselves with the help of this store. People have been really generous. Some hand over a bag of shopping. Others give us a tin or packet.


“But as our social media hashtag says – every can helps.”


The groceries donated to volunteers like Dennis Hooper and Alison Seear, pictured above left and centre with Sue White, included spaghetti bolognese, rice, long-life milk, and biscuits.


“These donations have made our shelves look a lot healthier,” Sue added.

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