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Pounds for poetry

POETRY lovers joined together in Felpham to help combat ovarian cancer.


Held at the home of Wendy Elston, 68, the annual event allowed literature enthusiasts, pictured above, to share their appreciation for verse in aid of a good cause.


Those attending the day were encouraged to read poetry either from the selection of books laid out by Wendy or something they had brought from home – whether self-composed or by a favourite writer.


the readings were accompanied by delicious cakes and other treats supplied by Wendy and her guests, and a donation for the day was suggested. Around 40 people attended the event to create a total fundraising tally of just over £300.


The day proved to be exciting for those with a love of the art. Fiona Waters, a poetry anthologist from Dorset, said: “It’s interesting to hear what other people choose to read. We’ve heard some unexpected poetry.”


But even those without a background in poetry gleaned something from the day.


Felpham resident Simone Froud said: “I’m so pleased I could come today. I now feel inspired to write my own poetry.”


Wendy was delighted by the positive response. She said: “It’s been a really successful day.


“I think ovarian cancer research is vitally important as it’s difficult to diagnose early on.”


However, it wasn’t just money that Wendy was interested in raising earlier this month.


She said: “We also want to encourage awareness of ovarian cancer.”


Wendy has been hosting a fundraising day for Ovarian Cancer Action every year for the past 13 years since her close friend Linda Creasey passed away from the illness.


Previously these days included the popular Music in the Lane day based at her old home in Bognor Regis. Since moving to Havelock Close in Felpham, she has decided to host a poetry day instead.


Wendy explained how important this was to her. She said: “I’ve always been  interested in poetry and this helps to keep Linda’s memory alive.”


Wendy is expecting to hold another fundraising day in March next year.


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