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Proposed Pagham housing

Dear Sir


A FEW points about the proposed building of more homes in this area than we have been told:


1 – I have learnt that the terribly rich people from overseas buy up newly built properties all over England as an investment.


Who are the proposed homes for? An honest answer is required;


2 – Arun District Council and the builders have let us down badly. Go back in time. Did they not know that many years ago the sea went as far as Goodwood?


3 – There are submerged whole villages in the Pagham/Bognor Regis area;


4 – The sea will always reclaim and Pagham sea defences are failing;


5 – It is a mortal sin to even contemplate taking Pagham’s remaining agricultural land;


6 – Arun District Council must not go against wildlife preservation – bats, birds, butterflies, trees, wildflowers etc;


7 – I have known Pagham since I was three, through my first ten years. During the war, I lived in Silverdale in Cumbria. My grandfather gave over woodland, Castle Barrow, and more to the National Trust, including the Calf of Man, bought from the owners who proposed building on it


It is now a bird sanctuary. A plaque in Douglas on the Isle of Man reads ‘The man who saved the Calf of Man – Frances Joseph Dickens’.


8 – We take Chichester’s flood water; and


9 – As John Keats said in Endymion: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’.


Keep it that way – what is left of it.


Elizabeth Dove


Canterbury Close



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