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Tone Zone go the extra mile

BOGNOR’s Simon Gill led the way for the town’s tone zone runners at the Brighton Marathon.


More than 12,000 people took part in the 26-mile race on the hottest day of the year so far. This included a squad of 29 from Bognor Tone Zone Runners.


Gill well and truly did the club proud and scorched to a fantastic tenth place in two hours 39 minutes (2.39).


Competing in his first marathon was 20 year old Jack Penfold.


He started strongly but hit the dreaded wall at 20 miles as the energy-sapping heat took effect on the youngster.


After slowing for three miles, he was spurred on by his fellow club members at the side of the road and dug deep to run the final stretch to finish in 3.27.


Sy Daymond, Christopher Dummer and Jess Thomson were also competing in their first marathons.


Daymond and Dummer ran well to finish in 3.25 and 3.44. Jess finished slightly after them in 4.04 after also being effected in the last quarter by the severe heat.


The final marathon debutantes were Daryl Fairbrother and Michelle Miles in 4.18 and 5.47.


Two runners amazingly achieved PBs, Colin Hiscock in 3.27 and Paul Wells in 5.48. Wells along with Claire Baker is raising money for a defibrillator in Bognor Regis town centre.


Another marathon taking place on the same day was in Paris.


The club had four runners taking part in even hotter conditions than Brighton. Chris Gallagher ran with aplomb to cross the line in 3.39.


Husband and wife team, Mark and Jackie Willamson, ran 4.18 and 4.26 respectively, with Jo Hinckley completing the course in 4.41.


In another feat of endurance, Paul Coe took part in the South Downs 50 mile challenge.


As the name suggests, this 50-mile run starts from Worthing College and ends at Eastbourne via the South Downs Way.


He overcame the distance and the 6,100ft of hills to finish in a very creditable 10 hrs 49 mins.

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