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Wine | Go s-hopping for these value for bunny wines

NOW THAT spring is well and truly on its way we must always be thankful for what we have.


Reminiscing is therapeutic at the best of times, but positively cathartic in darker times, so I revisited the seventies and eighties, music–wise so to speak, last Saturday in the form of an Iron Tyger gig at the Chichester Inn.


My dear departed friend, Laurie, would have marvelled at the energy and musical prowess of the Brighton-based band, recording currently with Bob Carruthers of Coda records. The female vocalist Roz blasted out anthemic rock in imperious fashion to the delight of a packed audience and is pictured above alongside other band members and one honorary member!


Another source of therapy is indubitably wine and the prospect of saving money on our favourite tipple! I duly headed to Tesco’s, lured by the 25 per cent discount on six bottles or more. Apparently available throughout Easter until April 24.


I endeavoured to focus generally on new wines added to their collection and was intrigued by the Tesco’s Finest 2016 Gaillac reducing from £7 to £5.25 if one of six bottles or more. A cheeky little number, ideal as an apéritif, whose provenance is from one of the oldest wine-making areas of Ancient Gaul now part of south – western France, this teaser Gaillac Perlé could rival Picpoul de Pinet as a popular choice with its delicate spritz and preponderance of stone fruit flavours!


In the battle of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, the Villa Maria 2016 Sauvignon Blanc is down to a very respectable £7.50 which, if one of six or more, is yours for just £5.63 and has rich gooseberry, lime and tropical fruit flavours and is a no-brainer at this price! However you cannot avoid Graham Norton (love him or loathe him!) and his 2016 Sauvignon Blanc nominally priced at £9 reducing to £6.75, if one of six, is a blend of six wines from the Marlborough region with tropical fruits to the fore and a real zing and luxurious assault on the taste buds – a veritable winner, in my humble opinion! Two Burgundy wines then caught my eye with the Louis Jadot 2014 Pouilly Fuissé priced at £17, but diminishing in a pecuniary sense to £12.75, if one of six or more, proving to be a textbook Chardonnay with white flowers and a hint of hazelnut, a touch of oak and delightful creaminess. Nonetheless my prize selection was that of the 2014 Château de Rully I er Cru La Pucelle priced at £16, but a mere £12, if one of six or more.


Antonin Rodet runs this vineyard dating back to the 12th century and the name La Pucelle refers to the youngest daughter being accorded an inheritance. This wine is delightfully fragrant with creamy vanilla and a long finish and is just what I would expect from a fine white Burgundy – let it warm up in the glass and delight you! In terms of Easter celebrations I must point out, at this juncture, that you can procure a Plaza Centro Prosecco for just £5.07, if one of six bottles, and, at this giveaway price, light and quaffable with good bubbles – an offer to snap up post haste!


In terms of red wines, the 2014 Patrice Chodot Fleurie was a delight given its £6 price tag, if indeed one of six, and exuded fresh berry and cherry fruits and is a true gem to savour!


Also, at eleven pounds reducing to a rather enticing £8.75 the Valpolicella Ripasso 2015 is dark fruits infused and smooth to boot, so well worth a punt.


I wish you all a Bacchanalian Easter – enjoy!

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