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Arun’s proposals for Bognor Regis



One recent issue alone of the Bognor Regis Post (May 12) presented a succession of sorry stories on the quality of decisions being made for Bognor Regis by Arun District Council.


On the front page was a report the town council may have to leave its historic town hall home should the building be sold off by Arun to a pub/restaurant company.


The following pages reported how supposedly protected trees along the A259 were being felled to make way for a £1.4m cycle path – hardly very ‘green’.


Reading on revealed protests against the installation of new eyesore Portaloos on the prom, instead of making existing underground toilets more accessible.


That story also referred to Arun’s other seafront-disfiguring idea of moving the vintage bandstand elsewhere.


Beyond these reports are the bigger issues of the failure by Arun to come up with a local plan to regulate new housing and the longstanding open question of regeneration, huge amounts of public money already having been wasted on ill-considered options.


Arun’s latest proposals appear largely to be two new gardens, albeit one under a striking glass roof. It may be early days for these proposals but, so far, it’s hard to envisage how this will truly attract more visitors to the town.


A previous letter-writer highlighted a county councillor’s election statement WSCC provides 80 per cent of our local services. The current pressure to save public funds and this growing catalogue of damaging decisions only feeds the question of why Arun District Council exists at all.


Stuart Coster

Harefield Road


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