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Bognor Regis bandstand



I feel the decision to move the promenade bandstand is outrageous. I’m all for improvements for Bognor Regis but moving the bandstand is totally unacceptable.


The bandstand is an important part of the town’s history and is an asset to Bognor seafront.


Moving it to Waterloo Square is a foolish decision, let alone an expensive one. I am a proud member of Flashback Bognor Group.


This decision should be put to a vote not just for councillors to decide what is or isn’t good for Bognor.


The people of Bognor should be also decide what should or shouldn’t be done as well.


I OBJECT very strongly. Leave the bandstand where it is.


N P Coomber, Bognor Regis.

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  1. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t mend it’ applies here. e also Arun needs to heed this generally-felt attitude to this idea, and we also all need to view carefully their rotten scheme to cram flats onto Hothamton when they propose to put not a single flat onto the much much larger open space of Littlehampton seafront as well as a £15million replacement for the leisure centre there.

  2. I am horrified at Arun’s ill conceived plan to remove our iconic Bandstand from its wonderful, central position on the Seafront.
    Please leave our historic Bandstand exactly where it is !!

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